Welcome To Philanthropy Life


What Does Philanthropy Life Do?

Philanthropy  Life  specializes in catering  to  generous people,  organizations  and  any other people who are consistent in the efforts of making the world a better place. In addition to what you may already be doing  to find financial support  as an organization,  we  can help you find more. We are better equipped to assist you on a consistent basis without the cost of long-term facility expenses that can be associated with professional fundraisers who have been known to help charity organizations  forever.  We do things a different way.  You will receive 100% of the money we are able to acquire  on your behalf.  All of our members  will receive donations on a steady basis.

Aspiring members will be directed to donate to a current member, which is the process that serves as  medium  to finding support  for all our members.  Prospects will make a one-time-donation to become a member and will be able to make donations (in addition to the annual fee) to Philanthropy Life any time they like. 
Financial support from State or Federal programs are welcome but we as our own members of the community  would rather not  wait to see  where other support will come from when we can make  an immediate  contribution  ourselves.  Philanthropy Life  reminds  INDIVIDUALS  of  the cohesiveness  of contributions that can come from anyone at any time; especially  from people who are passionate about establishing some degree of Utopia in the community. Our attitude is more connected to the idea that if we want certain qualities in our community,  we  are willing to pay for it.

"I'm standing up to be seen in my generosity so that I can find some help in my contribution to a masterpiece that is usually referred to as a paradise or Utopia and that's what I want for my community as much as possible."

- Zee Anu Ubuntu Malachi

We as better-economic-benefit enthusiasts would like to raise the civic league consciousness to another level and bring additional social welfare to a growing population in order to help confront the cause of social degradation and increase the awareness of social morality. Founded by Zee Malachi in Durham, North Carolina in 2016 and launched February 1st 2017 as a company that uses its money to enrich his community with products and services that residents will have access to for free. The company plans to have the following services or products available for free:
Barber Shop                    Transportation services
Biomineral Cafe               Tutors 
Mechanic Shop               Gifts for city volunteers
Repair services of sorts (electrical, painting, plumbing)
Philanthropy life looks forward to accomplishing these tasks according to the annual fees it receives. The annual fee that the company will receive is based on a recommended amount instead of a mandatory amount and will only receive the fees from members who have benefited from its services. The company is open to receiving donations but has not filed for 501c3 tax exempt status.




How to get started and what to expect.


How do you know when you are ready to get started? If you do not have a Paypal account, then you are not ready to get started. Making sure that you raise the money needed as a philanthropist; a merchant account will be required and Paypal is preferred. It is an important task regarding the procedure used to help clients that they are in the appropriate position to receive funds. Paypal has a new services known as the Paypal.me link. (not available in Jamaica) Sign in to your Paypal account, go to "Send & Request" in order to grab your Paypal.me link, copy it and save it in an email draft for later. It will be requested during your processing to become a client. This link makes it easier for people to pay you because it allows people to simply click on the link and type in the amount they would like to send, instead having to sign into Paypal, to go send, then type in your email address (where typos are then common).


When you are ready to become a client, you will send an email to Philanthropylife@gmail.com with the following subject title: READY TO PAY - PHILANTHROPY PROSPECT. Your email message should contain nothing more than the following: I have a Paypal account and I am ready to assist a fellow philanthropist. You will send the email ONLY when you are ready to pay. The services provided are more efficient when there is no time put into addressing inquiries via email. Everything is explained on this website. Once you have made your contribution to one of our clients you need to send or forward proof (or snap shot) of the receipt that you will be emailed from Paypal. Please be sure to change the subject title for this particular email to: PAYMENT MADE. Email subject titles are important and need to be organized for our staff training purposes. If the subject titles are not appropriate, you will be asked to submit the email all over again. Upon confirming that you have made a payment you will officially be a client and prepared to thrive as a philanthropist.


This service is for philanthropists or aspiring philanthropists; people who generously give either money, material, or their time to help others as well as contribute to charitable organizations designed to help others. The administrator manages a list of people who need to raise funds for various reasons. Prospects will need to send money to one of these people in order to be added to this list. You become a client after being added to the list and prospects will be directed to make a contribution to your cause. A protocol is used to serve everyone on the list and to make sure that they have support from several different people. This is a lifetime service and does not cater to any project deadlines that may have been set within the organization associated with our clients. This may or may not be a quick fund raiser option for you, but it definitely is not designed to be quick. It is designed to be consistent. Eventually you will need a beneficiary.


Prospects are encouraged to support one of our clients by contributing according to our recommended amount of two-thousand dollars, but this is only a recommendation and not a requirement. When prospects make contact to become a client, they are provided with information on the person that they are directed to show some support towards. This information will briefly address the person's charitable cause or aspiration to make the world a better place. You will also be notified if your contribution is tax deductible by either sending you a pdf copy of their determination letter or by sending you their tax ID number. If that information is not given to you in reply to your effort to make a contribution, then it means that the person does not have this status at that moment. Clients who do not have this status are far from being less creditable. All philanthropists are accepted no matter what their status is and it is expected that plenty of them operate in some form that gives back to the community without having a tax exempt status.


There are several recommendations for what to pay as an annual fee in order to help set the standards for reaching Philanthropy Life's goals for asset sharing with its clients at a speed a bit more than at a moderate pace. The first recommendation for annual fees start at $2,000.00 which you will not have to pay until it has been determined that you are well within your means to pay it. Your account with Philanthropy Life will be monitored in order to determine when you are able to meet this requirement. When you are able to raise $20,000.00 within a year through the services of Philanthropy Life, you are then within your means to pay the two-thousand dollar annual fee. Until this moment, it is recommend that you pay the annual fee amount of either $200.00 or $40.00, but you may pay whatever you like from one dollar to thousands of dollars. These funds will go towards purchasing a few hundred millions worth in assets specifically to be shared (no additional cost) with our clients.


Philanthropy Life has plans to purchase towns and build auto mechanic super stations. Other assets include luxury and sports vehicles, luxury residential towers, retirement residential communities, large and small homes, restaurants, fruit & vegetable marts, trailer trucks and diesel equipment, tutoring institutions, tailor shops, a traveling agency with all its own transport and services or other sorts. These things will be available to all clients at no cost at all. Every employed representative will earn the same wage which is a 72k salary. Employees will not be allowed to go into debt. Upon hiring, their homes, vehicles, credit debt all will be paid for and made debt clean. The common work hours will be four hours a day with room to employ thousands of people. The company employees and representatives will provide help and service to local communities and other areas across the country without charging a single individual. Anything you need as a client can be brought to you and returned the same way, all performed by a simple request.